Quality and professional childcare

Parent Testimonials

"Iesha is passionate about working with children it is not your average Childcare services. She is very pro active working with children and it’s clear is a passion of hers. Its a pleasure to leave my child with her and I am confident that she is providing a good service. My child is thriving and excited when attending and for any parent this is great to know and see. Since my child has been attending his social skills and confidence has developed drastically and this demonstrates his enjoyment and comfortability. I have been able to see the difference in his behaviour as he previously attended nursery and it’s clear he wasn’t himself. Thanks to Iesha’ I am able to see the huge difference. At times he doesn’t want to leave lol. Additionally I have not just found a childminder I have developed and new relationship/friendship with Iesha. My son is at a home away from home. I was sceptical at first as I preferred nurseries however I knew immediately of my first visit he would be attending. My son didn’t want to leave and this was just after an hour of being there. This was a shocker but a positive reaction. My son is talking a lot more and his vocabulary has expanded. He is having a great experience and he is gaining more skills and experiences and this is due to the outings Iesha arranges and services provided. I am happy with the service being provided and it’s worth every penny. I have peace of mind that my son is happy and safe. Thanks Iesha and keep up the good work. My son also has health needs and these are met to an exceptional standard here at Ice Tickles and I must say a big thank you because this wasn’t achieved and Nursery and he was sick all the time. Not any more!! One suggestion; get more space so my other two children can attend too. ; ) I wish you all the success and hope you grow and develop further"

Parent- Natasha

Title - Social worker 

"Just like childcare should be, flexible and reliable. Not only does my son enjoy playing at Ice tickles, he also loves learning. The setting is very clean and child friendly, my son used to be ill at nursery but not once since starting at Ice tickles. Iesha is very passionate about what she does, loves children, honest and a great communicator, couldn’t have asked for more, gives me absolute peace of mind"
Parent- Temi

"Iesha is fun and creative childminder. My daughter loves her and always asks to go to her house even on the weekends. Since Iesha became her childminder, my daughter now considers me boring and often tells me what I should be doing to be like Iesha. I am so happy that my daughter is being looked after in a safe, nurturing and educationally stimulating environment. Iesha is not only passionate about childcare but she is thorough and creative. She regularly keeps abreast with safeguarding and educational policies; I know this because in the 3.5 years she has been my childminder she has educated me in the latest legislation and how she's implementing this to safeguard my child. In addition she helps my daughter with her homework; which is a above and beyond what is required of her. Also her menu choices for the kids are really good they get healthy homecooked meals. I cannot recommend her enough she has impacted mine and my daughter's life in such a positive way."

Parent- Kae

Title- Director kap and associates

So glad I found Ieshas childcare service when I needed it. Only sorry not sooner. Ice Tickles provides as great school pick up and after school childminding service where my son is collected timely and safely and welcomed I to a warm clean home to eat a healthy dinner and play with friends after a busy day at school. Great find. Great service.
Parent- Anita
Title- Bank officer

"Choosing ICE tickles for my daughter's is the best decision I have made. Iesha is so welcoming and friendly and the kids really love going to her facilities. I am surprised at just how much my little one has learnt in her shirt time there. All their needs are catered for and the staff really care about the children's welfare."  

Parent- Krystle

"Iesha is a great childminder. My boys are always happy to go to Iesha's house. You can tell she's very passionate about her work and has a genuine love for children and their well being. She's flexible and very understanding. She has really been a great help to my family."

Parent- Fatima

It's been over 3 years now, since my children are going to Iesha setting and I can tell how happy they are!

After "dad" & "mum", I think "Asha" was one of my middle one first word :-)

She got the attention to details, stamina & will always find a way to accommodate her clients request.

Not being British, without any family around, she'll even take the time outside her crazy working hours to give me an hand with paperwork, drop me the little accesories missing for my Xmas party and help me to find a new car!!

She's wonderful, energetic, reliable, careful and funny, which are for me, the main key to be a good childminder.

The only disadvantage I can see, is not being able to clone herself as a Nanny, to have her @ home, for me, myself and the kids 😁

Carry on your amazing job Iesha, you are the best in what you do 🤗

Parent- Julie

Title- Head of administration 

" Iesha is an excellent childminder. She provides a professional service in a safe and friendly environment.
She is caring and flexible and really approachable.

Highly recommend!"

Parent- Anita

"Just as childcare should be, flexible, reliable and somewhere where your children are safe, happy and excited to go to. Wish I found Iesha sooner x "

Parent- Nadine

"Iesha has been a star looking after our three children so that we can have an evening out. The girls think she's great and enjoy being with her."

Lisa, parent

"My daughter loves her. She's my childminder and she's really affectionate and caring and does a lot with the kids. A good range of food is provided and the kids are always doing activities and excursions. My daughter even wants to go there on weekend. I would recommend her to anyone in the area looking for a good childminder." 

Kae ,parent

"My daughter loves her and really enjoys her time there. Iesha is always doing her best to suit the parents needs, you can feel that the child is really loved and take care off and it give you so much peace of mind. Thanks Ice Tickles Childcare"
Sonia, parent 

"Iesha Is a great child minder, my son my son is with her after school and he enjoys the after school activities she provides he say she is great fun and always look for ward to go to her after school."

Janet, Parent 

"Having known Iesha since school, i know she has always been passionate about children and their growth. I went back to work and needed a childminder and Iesha was the first person to spring to mind. I loved my sons record book that she updated everyday with his achievements and day to day activities! "

Chloe, Parent

" Iesha is a great Childminder ! she makes the children feel very welcome. She is fun and arranges lots of things for them to do. She is great to work with as a parent as she will always help out if the train is late or you are delayed. Well done Iesha. ."

Jo Gray, Parent

" Iesha is an excellent childminder. My 2 girls are so happy with her and forever asking to go round on the weekends. The local trips and great weekly menus are a treat. Iesha is excellent with communicating with me and i know everything that happens on a day to day basis. Thank you iesha x ."
Natalie, Parent.

" Ice tickles child care is brilliant I have never seen my children so happy at a childcare setting and all the activities are great fun! ." 

 Mary, Parent